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What is Omi Muscular Integration?

Omi Muscular Integration is a combination of massage and body work therapies. Body therapy that works on the deep tissue of the body with the right amount of pressure as needed at the time of treatment. Individuals learn how to use breath, posture and awareness to realign the body to the optimum function.

Optimum function of the body consists of having ease, grace and relaxation in movement and being present with life and one's surrounding environment. Omi body therapy creates a dynamic and lasting change in all of your physical and mental capabilities. Omi works best in progressive sessions to address and unravel the multifaceted layering of the body and return you to optimum function.

Is it painful?

Omi Muscular Integration is painful only to the degree of what is stored in the body and what you agree to and want to release and realign in your body at the time of the treatment. For example, the body stores neck pain in other areas, such as the shoulder, chest, legs arms or feet. The knee bone connected to the thigh bone, etc, is not a false analogy. This analogy came from someone who had awareness in their body. Pain in the body is the body's way of telling you that you need help in addressing the lack of oxygen, nutrients and misalignment stored in a particular area or areas of the body.

What about the dynamic change in the physical and mental does that happen?

Omi works best in progressive treatments. We all have a complex layering and webbing in our body that is also our present neuromuscular programming. The present layering and webbing stops us from being able to perform at our optimal level. In each body treatment as the layering and webbing improve and is realigned the body unfolds to more ease, grace, and relaxation and results in the improved physical and mental capabilities.

You say improved and lasting change, how can you say it is a lasting change?

When you have progressive treatments your layering and your webbing improves and results in improved physical and mental capabilities. In an Omi treatment you learn to use your breath, posture and awareness to incorporate and maintain improved changes. The degree of lasting change is part of your interactive participation using your breath, posture and awareness and further treatments to address neuromuscular reprogramming.

With any change you can choose to go back to your old patterns or incorporate the changes. The changes are made on a deep level with Omi sessions and your body will remind you that you are using old patterns or habits. Most of the neuromuscular reprogramming is addressed in the ten session bodywork.

What is Ten Session bodywork?

Ten Session bodywork is a process of unfolding, unwrapping and unwinding the body and bringing the body back to its natural state and optimum function. Each session is for a particular process, plane and part or parts of the body.


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