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Katherine Cantrell, LMP

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Katherine Cantrell has owned and operated a LMP business in downtown Seattle since 1986. She is skilled in a variety of massage and bodywork techniques. In 1993, Kate Clark introduced her to Zentherapy Bodytherapy and she began intensive training for 8 years in structural realignment. Her practical experience in bodywork is over 1,000 hours per year. Katherine's passion is in facilitating healing for the optimum function of the body and the dynamic change in one's physical and mental capabilities.

I began my journey in the health care field in 1986 as a licensed massage practitioner in downtown Seattle. I thank my previous years in the banking industry for the business and professional skills I acquired as well as the opportunity to work with all types (ages, nationalities and business levels) of individuals.

I have learned over the years the vast array of modalities in the massage and bodywork field. In the first years of my practice, I was stumped with finding bodytherapy techniques that would facilitate lasting results for clients. As anyone that has experienced massage or bodywork you know how great you can feel after a treatment, but how long does that last when you return to your present environment or work schedule?

In 1993, Kate Clark, LMP introduced me to Zen Body Therapy and a new journey began. I studied and learned for the next eight years techniques for structural realignment bodywork through Dub Leigh, Master Bodyworkder, and founder of Zen Bodytherapy. So what I am saying is I have experienced and know the ultimate in bodywork that allows one to bring their body to its optimum function. One session does not necessarily take your body to a level of optimum function but it will make significant and revitalizing changes in areas of your body that are in acute or chronic pain. Most of us have years and experiences that have layered our aches and pains in our body. To get to the optimum function of our body usually takes a number of sessions to unravel the past effects of years and experiences.

Both Kate and myself offer you the opportunity to one or more sessions of structural realignment bodywork to treat your specific needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your needs for health.

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