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The goal of the OMI Institute is for the participating students to obtain a fuller understanding of the body's capabilities and to learn how to bring the body to its optimum functionality in movement, balance and alignment. Optimum function allows one to be one with their environment, present and at peace. OMI Institute offers a simple formula to achieve structural realignment using advanced muscular integration with Zen meditation. Zen meditation helps bring the sense of presence into the moment and ground the practitioner for this powerful work. You will learn how to read the body's alignment, assess what you see, position your client on the table for optimum posture, teach the client how to receive the work and yourself how to posturally align yourself and give the work. Breathing techniques are incorporated as well as other tools for clearing and balancing. Tools valuable for maximum, long lasting results. This is all part of the fundamentals you learn and prepartion for the curriculum of 10 session realignment bodywork- OMI advanced Muscular Integration.

When a therapist works with integrity a change in thinking takes place. A oneness will arrive in your development of maturity and your creativity which in turn will yield solution.

There will be no classes offered from Omi Institute in 2012. Please use contact below for more information.

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